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Terms and Conditions

o GT Courses Archive, Removal and Retirement Schedule
o The GT Courses website host archives of Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 lectures available for download to students enrolled in online courses and degree programs (distance learning students).
o Access to materials on T-Square does not guarantee access to the lecture downloads hosted on the GT Courses web portal.
o If you need access to these lecture downloads contact the faculty member who owns the course content and request that they send an email to gtonlinesupport@pe.gatech.edu granting you permission to view the recordings.
o Downloaded materials are strictly for the use of GT students registered for course sections that allow access to downloaded materials. GT requires that you do not share these materials with others.
o GT students are required to authenticate by logging in to GT Courses with your official GT issued username and password. If you need to activate or have forgotten your GT Account username and/or password, please go to https://passport.gatech.edu to obtain this information.
o Materials on GT Courses are not in the public domain. GT and the creator retain the legal rights to these materials.
o The Georgia Tech Student Code of Conduct prohibits the unauthorized use of an instructor's intellectual property, including marketing and selling of such properties as power point presentations, lecture notes (any media), examination questions, study guides, etc. - Part B. Prohibited Academic Conduct of XIX Student Code of Conduct